Sweat Pretty founder Sherria Michelle was raised in Philadelphia, Pa by two athletic parents who stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle early. Her maternal grandmother would teach her not only how to sew, but how to inspect fabrics for quality and garments for durability.

Growing up, she physically developed faster than most girls and struggled with finding athletic wear to fit her build. As all women, her body changed with age, and weight gain and loss, but the struggle to find comfortable, functional, and fashionable athletic wear still remained a struggle.

Sweat Pretty was born. Determined to partner with brands that developed athletic wear for EVERY woman, she set out to find and curate just that! She was overheard at a trade show telling a manufacturer, “If I can’t wear it. I refuse to sell it. I can’t sell or promote what I don’t believe in or trust.”

Sweat Pretty activewear is where luxury meets the three important F’s. Function, Form, and Fashion. Don’t let anyone tell you fabric and design doesn’t matter. Top athletes don’t workout in just “anything”, and neither should you.

For Sherria, curating our collections is an intimate process. Before deciding on an item, she thinks about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. She tests it out in various situations and environments, from power walking, spin, to weight training. She won’t add anything she doesn’t love, because she wants you to love it too.


Form, Function and Fashion.


After years of playing sports, teaching dance and coaching sports, Sherria has found that not all athletic fabrics are created equal. Nor should one wear the same fabric for every activity. “You don’t wear wool in the winter, so why would you wear compression for yoga?” She has always matched her meticulousness with curiosity. Traveling around the globe, she has studied various fabrics and designs that have helped her cultivate a singular yet international style. She believes in clean lines and colors that compliment all skin tones. She still makes time to learn about new technology at tradeshows all around the world.